Contoh Pidato Berita Terhangat Tentang Global Warming Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Pidato seputar berita terhangat yang akhir-akhir ini banyak dibicarakan diberbagai belahan dunia diantaranya adalah tentang isu global warming (pemanasan global) dan kini tengah menjadi perhatian dunia. Bagi sahabat yang saat ini sedang mencari contoh pidato bahasa inggris tentang global warning saya akan berikan contoh yang bisa dijadikan referensi.

Sedangkan untuk contoh pidato bahasa indonesia tentang pendidikan,  narkoba, lingkungan hidup, kebersihan, dampak pergaulan bebas dan sebagainya bisa dilihat pada artikel yang lain, berikut ini pidato berita terhangat terkait pemanasan global

Global warming  is a serious problem that is threatening our planet today. One consequence of global warming is the destruction of the Ozone layer and climate change are uncertain.

Ozone is Earth's mantle layer, which serves to protect the earth and its contents from ultra violet rays directly. You can imagine if there is no longer the ozone layer that protects the earth, then there will be no life cycle. If I may say the world will end.

Have we all think about, how the current ozone? According to research by the world's scientists, the ozone layer depletion has experienced over the years. In fact he says there is now a hole in the ozone dareah Arizona. The ozone hole was formed because of the impact of global warming (global warming), and other greenhouse gases.

If there lubamg mean that's where the ozone emitting UV rays directly, without the filter (Ozone layer). All living things on earth will not be able to have direct contact with the UV light. The sunlight that we receive / feel every day, it is the result of the ozone filtration. So it is no longer bebrbahaya to humans and other living things on earth.

Uncertain climate changes due to global warming has been much felt today. Some areas in Indonesia have experienced very low rainfall causing water crisis (drought). While in other dareah even very high rainfall resulting in floods and landslides.

Say Stop Global Warming, and be a friend of the earth.

Indonesian guidance counselor Mrs. Dear,
and all the friends - friends that I love and I'm proud.

Global warming is a history that experienced the worst since the formation of the Earth until now. I was amazed to see the result shown in the film. I never thought I would be that bad. Affecting all life on earth. Be it humans, animals to the plants though.

Unfortunately, our beloved country ranks third biggest CO2 emitter after the U.S. and China. True - it has tarnished the face of Indonesia in the eyes of the international world. Not from the industry, but from the forest fire that is currently rife in Indonesia since 1997 until now.

All had already happened, like what else??? I think this time, we can do is find a solution to global warming can be slowed down, because as I heard that global warming would still occur.

If it is for my own role we can give as a reduction of CO2 emissions in nature, I can do, and I think the best solution is to fix the pattern of our lives. With a simple and real and of course not too grandiose.

For example:
  • Energy frugality. As in the use of fuel oil, electricity (do not use electronic devices when not obviously needs).
  • Using a motor vehicle as needed. If it were just close, no need to use a motorcycle or a car.
  • Reduce flaring. For example, the burning of garbage, avoid forest fires.
  • Avoid using superfluous goods
  • For marine ecosystems, avoid the destruction of reefs and fishing with destructive (the use of a bomb or something).
Maybe enough so that I can more or less I apologize, because the error is mine and the excess comes from Allah SWT.

Itulah sekedar contoh mengenai contoh pidato berkaitan dengan isu pemanasan global dan menjadi berita terhangat dan banyak dibicarakan diberbagai belahan dunia guna mengantisipasi dampak yang bisa ditimbulkan akibat terjadi pemanasan global.

Sedangkan untuk contoh dalam bahasa indonesia bisa di translate di google translate dari bahasa inggris ke indonesia, cuma untuk menggunakan translate online seperti contoh diatas sebelum digunakan diperikasa dulu hasilnya karena biasanya tata bahasanya hancur banget kalu menggunakan terjemahan.
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